True Storytelling “Train the Trainers” course

This 7 lesson module builds on the True Storytelling Foundations module to take your skills at guiding, developing and leading True Storytelling circles to a new level.

The 7 modules take you deeper into each of the 7 Principles to explore the scholarly foundations of True Storytelling, seasoned with a richly satisfying examination of real world issues and opportunities in the practical application of True Storytelling in the world

Upon graduation and certification the T3 graduate is certified to lead the instruction of True Storytelling modules, to develop new True Storytelling modules and to extend the reach of True Storytelling and its transformational vison for the world

List of Graduates (Click to visit their individual pages for a deeper look into their lived experiences with True Storytelling

  • Ken Long
  • Karin Iverson
  • Ben Wesson
  • Duncan Pelly
  • Anne Marie Hall

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